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Publications and Presentations

Year Title Authors Type Venue
2014 Do Scholarly Concentration Programs Contribute To Lasting Scholarship? Bahner, I.,Pross, S.H. ,Mechaber, A.J. Oral Presentation 2014 Southern GEA Spring Meeting
2014 Scholarly Concentrations Program – How to Successfully Foster Medical Student Scholarship Pross, S. ,Bahner, I. Oral Presentation 18th annual IMASE conference
2013 Contributions of the scholarly concentration program in biomedical research to the scientific competencies of the core medical curriculum Bahner, I. ,Schocken, D.,Somboonwit, C.,Collins, R.J.,Pross, S.H. Oral Presentation 17th annual IAMSE conference
2013 Teaching Scientific Research Skills in an Elective Curriculum: Obstacles, Opportunities and Outcome Bahner, I. Oral Presentation IAMSE Webinar
2012 Teaching Science Through Biomedical Research In An Elective Bahner,I.,Somboonwit,C.,Pross,S.,Collins,R.J. ,Saporta,S. Publication Medical Science Educator
2010 Encouraging Scholarship: Medical School Programs to Promote Student Inquiry Beyond the Traditional Medical Curriculum Green,E.P. ,Borkan,J.M. ,Pross,S.H. ,Adler,S.R. ,Nothnagle,M. ,Parsonnet,J. ,Gruppuso,P. Publication Academic Medicine